Featured Interview on Bumps & Boobs Podcast

I’m so excited to make my debut to the podcast world in an interview with Becca Murrel of Bumps & Boobs Podcast! Click the link below to listen.

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"Have you ever wondered how to pick the best prenatal vitamin for your needs? What foods to eat to relieve nausea? How to navigate weight gain during pregnancy?
If you have questions about nutrition during pregnancy, check out this week’s podcast episode, where @feedyourzest and I give you the tea ☕️
McKenzie (@feedyourzest) has a Master’s in Public Health and is a registered dietitian. She specializes in pregnancy-related care, and she approaches nutrition through a feminist lens. She is passionate about intuitive eating, improving pregnancy outcomes, navigating racial inequities, and breaking the unrealistic expectations of the “perfect” body. Check out my bio links to find the episode on your favorite podcast platform! 💕"