4 Real Food Ideas from 4 Real Women

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The term “real food” can get kind of twisted by diet culture - it usually is used to refer to food that’s less processed, which seems somewhat harmless at first glance. I am all for promoting locally grown fruits, vegetables and animal products and gently encouraging my clients to cook more for themselves at home…

…however, who am I to say that whatever you choose to eat isn’t “real” food? Food is just food - we can get into the nitty gritty of nutritional minutae and environmental sustainability if we want to, but is that realistic for everyone’s busy lives and financial situations? Probably not.

So, when I say “real” food to my clients, I’m usually encouraging them to make time for an actually satisfying meal versus surviving on snacks. In this blog post, “real” also means what these women actually eat. I polled my Instagram audience for everyone’s favorite 5-10 minute meal! Above is a picture of mine, but I wanted to also highlight a few other people who aren’t prenatal dietitians and have found a groove with easy meals that works for them.

Here’s 4 REAL meals from 4 real women!

1) Pasta & Microwave Meatballs in Vodka Sauce


Bethany B (@bethy_beez) sent me this photo of her 5 minute meal! Here’s the details:

“Microwave meatballs (my trick is to wrap them in a wet paper towel to keep them moist), pasta, and vodka sauce from the jar, all from Trader Joe’s. Eating it for breakfast cause I’ve learned that you don’t have to only eat breakfast food for breakfast if that’s not what you want. (Also I’m pregnant so... cravings).”

2) Eggs in Purgatory

Sounds sinister… but looks absolutely delicious!


Michele VH (@inpursuitofphilautia) gave these details: “I usually just heat up a bit of oil and chili flake in a small sauce pan, throw in a scoop of sauce, crack one or two eggs in, pop a lid on and let it do its thing. Super simple with big flavor payoff!”

Seems like pasta sauce is a theme here so far… yum!

3) Batch Prep Bowl


Allyson B (@allboan) is a busy mama who also has to eat gluten free for medical reasons. Here’s what she said about her favorite quick meal:

“I used Primal Palate’s Breakfast Blend on the zucchini, turmeric and salt on the cauliflower, and just salt on the carrots (coconut oil for all the roasted veggies). I roast a whole chicken every week or two, so this chicken is from a previously roasted whole bird. As a mom of a 3yo and a 2mo old, I HAVE to cook ahead and often spend early morning hours or naptime cooking...especially since I can’t just grab takeout (no GF restaurants nearby).”

This requires some prep, but a bit of planning can totally pay off when you need to throw something together on the fly. Grab a granola bar, fruit, or any other starch of your choice to go along with this delicious bowl and keep that energy up!

4) Pasta Bowl

And this last tasty looking meal is in fact from another dietitian… but we’re real people too ;) Plus this just looked so so tasty, particularly for a quick meal!

Emmy (@realgood_nutrition) originally responded that her favorite easy meal was: “Pasta, TJs pesto, and sauteed chicken sausage and spinach. SO EASY!”

She didn’t have a picture of this exact meal, but sent in the picture below of something similar but equally tasty. YUM.


I admire these 4 women for their candid sharing of real life meals, hope y’all find some inspiration here!

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