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Prenatal Nutrition Therapy

Empowering & intuitive nutrition to feed your zest for life.



I’m McKenzie Caldwell, MPH, RDN - a registered dietitian based in Charlotte, NC specializing in prenatal & postpartum nutrition.

I use individualized nutrition therapy to help women manage diabetes in pregnancy, heal from eating disorders in pregnancy and postpartum, and optimize their prenatal nutrition status with a whole-person, weight inclusive approach. I would love to help you ditch diet culture as you nourish your body and mind for a healthy pregnancy.

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Are you confused about what to eat during pregnancy?

Are you pregnant and struggling with body image or an eating disorder?

Or have you just been diagnosed with gestational diabetes?

I would love to help you achieve your health and life goals in pregnancy and beyond. Let's work together to take empowering steps towards a peaceful relationship with food, recovery from disordered eating, and balance without restriction as you transition into motherhood. I can't wait to see what we can accomplish together.

I am here to listen to your story. Book a free 15-minute discovery call to see which of my services are right for you!

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