Week of eats and movement - May

Hello friends! I'm writing from Charlotte, NC, where I just finished up my second week of clinical nutrition internship. So far I spent 1 week in foodservice management, and another in general medicine and oncology. Up next is cardiology ICU, which sounds so exciting and intimidating at the same time! I'm updating my Instagram a bit more than my blog lately, so be sure to follow me there :)

I thought this past week of eats would be fun to share with y'all, since I ate a solid combo of both interesting and boring food and am shifting my cooking a bit as I adapt to a full-time work schedule. As always, here's a disclaimer that how I choose to eat might not be what feels right to you! I like to give you a peek into how I seek balance in my eating over the course of a week.

Breakfast: Kefir + granola + fruit, or my super easy overnight oats + Coffee. Quick and tasty for the weekdays! Saturday was brunch with Lindsay and Emily at Earl's Grocery in Charlotte, so I got an amazing biscuit with ham, brie and jam on it and a super tasty strawberry lemonade.


Lunch: I made my own version of Hummusapien's Israeli Power Salad! So delicious. I used the basic recipe to start, but then threw in green bell pepper, farro, and avocado, and thinned out the dressing a bit with some olive oil. Her recipe calls for a za'atar spice blend, which is a super tasty blend of floral spices that you can usually find in a Mediterranean market, but I only had access to trusty old Trader Joe's. So, I made an easy swap for the TJ's 21 Seasoning Salute spice blend. I prepped this all ahead and took the salad to work for lunch every day.


Snacks: Fruit and Lara bars.

Dinner: Since lunch was fresh and vegan with complex flavors, I went for simple and hearty at dinner with some animal protein. This looked like eggs with cheese toast and veggies a few nights, and pasta with meat sauce and salad on some other nights. Friday I went out for poke bowls with my roommate, and Saturday we had a tasty combo of grilled chicken + empanadas at a party.



Dessert: TJs sea salt and turbinado sugar dark chocolate almonds, ice cream one night, froyo the next night, and then I brought my banana bread to the party on Saturday. I threw chocolate chunks and walnuts in it, and it turned out super well.



For movement this week, I biked to work on Monday (not by choice, I just don't have a car, but it felt good), took a yoga class on Wednesday, walked a few blocks with heavy groceries on Friday (yes, this totally counts guys. My arms were burning), and then danced my butt off on Saturday night! I've been salsa dancing a few times, but think I might try and get into the dance scene here a bit more over the summer. It is so dang fun!


So that was week 2 in Charlotte. I hope your Memorial Day Weekend is relaxing!