Spring break recap & eats

Thank goodness for spring break! I really needed a chance to breathe. The week started with a night out in Chapel Hill with my roommates. The next day I flew out to LA and pretty much studied and chilled at home except for a day trip to San Diego. My boyfriend came down to visit the second weekend. Long distance is hard but it makes every time I get to see him that much better! It was great to have time to be productive and also have time to chill out. Self care this week included getting my nails done with my mom, reading Letting go of Leo by Simi Botic (if you consider yourself a perfectionist, seriously go read this now!), buying new jeans that fit, and spending much-needed quality time with my family and boyfriend.

I also got to meet Paige of Yeah Girl! Nutrition and Maddie of Mint 2 Be RD in person! I love this community of non-diet nutrition advocates :)

Another great part of this week was the freedom I gave myself to eat out and let other people (mainly my mom) do the cooking. As much as I love getting in the kitchen and cooking, sometimes it's nice to go with the flow and not feel like I have to plan when I'm going to grocery shop and what I'll make. Here's some of my favorites of the things I ate over break!


  • banana bread with fruit and yogurt
  • scrambled eggs with cheese, toast and fruit
  • delicious French toast for brunch at Malibu Farm Restaurant


  • avocado!! On sandwiches and toast
  • my go-to from Natural Cafe: the albacore tuna salad with lemon dressing. I rarely order anything else, my only complaint is I wish it came with more carbs!


  • tots while I watched the UNC basketball game with my roommates before heading out of town
  • my favorite flavors of Siggis yogurt
  • new-to-me flavors of RX bars (I liked maple sea salt but wasn't a fan of peanut butter)
  • cheese, crackers, and fruit


  • lots of coffee and water, some tea
  • green drinks on St. Patrick's day! (mint lemonade and iced vanilla matcha latte. I have tried matcha a couple times and this was the first time I really liked it! The key for me is whole milk and a good amount of vanilla or peppermint flavor.)
  • wine and beer


  • shrimp hibachi from a new place in Chapel Hill the Friday before I left
  • pasta with sauce and veggies
  • amazing BBQ tri-tip with salad and garlic toast (didn't snap a picture, but my family ordered take-out from Stonefire, our go-to BBQ joint in town)


  • gluten-free chocolate chip cookies (my mom has IBS so she found this dough she really likes from Immaculate Baking, I thought it was very tasty!)
  • liquid nitrogen ice cream from Creamistry (my dad sells liquid nitrogen so we got some from one of his clients)
  • Trader Joe's dark chocolate peanut butter cups
  • Watermelon sour patch with popcorn at the movies. Black Panther was so good!

Anyways, that was my Spring Break! I want to reiterate that just because I eat a certain way doesn't mean you should. Every body is different and everyone has different food preferences! I like to do these posts to give you a glimpse of my real attempts at intuitive eating, and how that works into my day-to-day life over the course of a week.

Hope your week is filled with good food and good people <3